The TASTER TUTORIAL is a 90 minute Video Tutorial with downloadable resources and gives interested students a clear idea about the style, format and quality of the units of work in this curriculum.

This course is free however registration is required.



All units of the curriculum start with a presentation which contextualises the specific area of learning.

It helps students to understand where and why before they learn the how.


All units involve andamenti and tesserae drawing.

Drawing is a fantastic way to explore techniques in a faster and affordable framework before embarking on the mosaic sample


All units involve the creation of mosaic samples.

Each sample puts the focus technique in practice in an isolated way. Collectively the samples create your own visual reference library!


Extension exercises offer a way to apply and integrate skills learnt in more complex ways.

Bringing one skill together with the next helps build your repertoire in a systematic way.

A sequential and layered framework for students of mosaic.

Consolidate, connect and extend your skills and understanding of mosaic art.

Learn to see mosaic within a broader framework of history, culture and the visual arts.

Ignite your desire, for inquiry, experimentation and extension.

Make the Art of Andamento the KEYSTONE in your mosaic journey.

Hear what they say..

Kate Danis

Caitlin teaches in an amazingly organised and structured way, by carefully and skilfully guiding you through all exercises. Tasks were perfectly suited – at times challenging, but steadily taking you to the next level. I loved them. In the end of the courses, I feel inspired, proud of myself and equipped with valuable techniques for making both classical and contemporary mosaics.


Caitlin’s classes are a true learning experience challenging me to improve my mosaic practice and affording me confidence to do so. Her commitment to her students continues far beyond the classroom, with her professional platform, her polished knowledge and her endearing friendship, you will not be disappointed.


What I’ve learned in Caitlin’s online series of andamento classes is invaluable! I’ve grown so much as a mosaic artist thanks to her extremely skilled instruction. Her lesson plans and project assignments are exceptional and provided me with a wealth of knowledge and new skills. From classic to modern andamento, from abstract to painterly approaches, these lessons have gifted me a clear and educated understanding of this centuries old art form that I now apply to my own work. Thank you Caitlin, you’re THE best!


I would recommend these amazing classes to anyone with an interest in mosaics . Whether you are a beginner or highly experienced you will learn so much and extend your scope of practice. 
Caitlin is a wonderful teacher. Her online classes start with art history, graduated art techniques and theory. You will then be guided through the relevant building blocks relating to the chosen level. This is accompanied by practical exercises to replicate and/or create; gently pushing you to extend your skill base.

Faye Mathis

I want to thank you for all that you have taught me in Andamento Levels 1, 2 and 3. The detailed descriptions in these classes really helped to bring everything together so I now understand the purpose of using andamento more clearly.

I feel so much more empowered as I continue my mosaic journey.


Having completed Andamento 1 & 2, I cannot wait to start Andamento 3. Caitlin is a fantastic teacher who explains the very important basics of Roman mosaics and the use of tone and colour in a simple and easily understood way. She then encourages you to move outside your comfort zone and use this knowledge to experiment with different materials and styles. If you are either a novice or have lots of experience therse classes will help you on your journey.

Mosaicking is addictive!

Ana Posada

I am very happy to have participated in this curriculum. You are a professional, dedicated and well-formed mosaic and art instructor & very generous about sharing information, tips, experiences and your love for this beautiful technique. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to learn from you. Looking forward to enrolling in many of your online courses.

Stephanie Cosenza

The Level 1 class is so full of interesting and unexpected facets. I loved the historical context presented and the flow into learning to draw and then cut and layout by those ancient rules. I have made mosaics for many years, and I’ve taken dozens of classes both in person and online but this was the most comprehensive.

Adela Webb

Having completed level 2 & 3 and enjoying them so much I’m tempted to sign up for Level 1! Caitlin has a great teaching style, very informative with lots of resources too.