The Art of Andamento: Curriculum for Mosaic, supports new and developing mosaic artists who seek to integrate and reinforce their knowledge and skills through a considered online learning program delivered through the Andamento Academy.

The curriculum will consolidate, connect and extend students’ understanding of mosaic art by guiding them through a sequential and layered program, explicitly teaching vital skills and techniques whilst also positioning mosaic knowledge within a broader framework of history, culture and visual arts.

This unique framework ignites students’ desire, for inquiry, experimentation and extension and leads them towards establishing their own independent mosaic practice.

A short biographical piece about Caitlin Hepworth.

Listen to Caitlin Hepworth and Rachel Sager discuss, life, art, mosaic and the Art of Andamento on the Ruins Project Podcast. 

The Ruins Podcast is hosted by Rachel Sager the founder of the Ruins Project, a long-term collaborative mosaic art installation amidst the ruins of a former coal mine in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Read More.


Caitlin Hepworth

Caitlin Hepworth

Curriculum Creation

Caitlin brings a 25 years of teaching experience in visual art and mosaic to the AoA team.  She is also a practicing artist with a passion for sculptural mosaic. When not teaching art you will find her attempting to dance salsa, struggling through pilates and planning her next overseas trip.

Jim Stewart

Jim Stewart

Video Production

Jim brings a professional life time of video and television production experience to AoA.  When he is not filming or editing our content, Jimmy is also an evergreen footballer, frustrated rock star and an aspiring Japanese chef.

Michelena Bamford

Michelena Bamford


Mosaic art has bridged the globe for Michelena, who loves travelling and connecting with new communities through this creative ingress. She brings a wealth of experience and skills from founding and operating her own commercial studio in Canada, but much prefers bikinis to balaclavas.


Visit Caitlin’s personal website to read more about her mosaic practice, exhibitions, commission and  training.


School of Visual Art and Mosaic

Established in 2010 Hepworth Studios is housed within the historic Woodford Academy in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, NSW. From here Caitlin runs face to face classes and speciality workshops for her local community and visiting students.

I have completed Levels 1,2 and 3 of Caitlin’s Andamento courses and am just finishing off Level 5. The courses are well structured, starting off with looking at the basics of mosaic design in detail, so that we are able to not only follow a deisgn, but draw up a design. After looking at andamento, and having this solid foundation in place, the levels work through establishing an understanding of colour theory and form in mosaic. Level 5 was a huge challenge for me, as I had really only done Roman and Byzantine reproductions. Under Caitlin’s guidance, I have been able to look at interpreting paintings and and also photos, as well as experimenting with different materials. Caitlin is a talented mosaic artist, but also a gifted and generous teacher who shares her knowledghe and experience without holding anything back. She is clearly passionate about mosaic and about enabling others to build their skills and explore their own creativity. She gives clear and constructive feedback and encourages us to support and critique each other, so we feel part of a community. She provides carefully chosen and relevant resources to illustrate different aspects of the courses – history, theory, materials – which makes it more than a mosaic skills course – it is also a course in the artistic context of mosaic. I had done in-person mosaic courses beforehand, and have been amazed at how effective Caitlin’s online courses are. I absolutely recommend them to anyone interested in mosaic, whether you are a beginner or already experienced.

Andrina Rout, Germany

I found Caitlin Hepworth’s Andamento classes online and liked the stepwise approach to mosaic skill building. In the classes, Caitlin reviews mosaic concepts and assigns exercises for us to apply the concepts. This approach gave me skills and ideas that I immediately wanted to practice in my own projects. Caitlin provides extensive resources related to mosaic making, which is an added value. I feel like these courses have made a huge difference in how I will pursue my mosaic practice and I’m very grateful to be able to learn from Caitlin!

I recommend her classes to others all the time.

Angela Adams, Nevada USA